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Wind turbine to cause “unwelcome” visual impact near the former home of the late Queen Mother

It has emerged that Highland councillors have recently approved a planning application permitting a 91ft wind turbine to be built near the Castle of Mey in Caithness.


There have been many objections from people who knew the late Queen Mother including the Earl of Caithness and The Chairman of the Castle of Mey Trust; Ashe Windham.

The councillors approved the controversial decision amidst planners admitting that the new 91ft turbine would cause “unwelcome” visual impacts. The planning committee dismissed the concerns of the Earl of Caithness and others due to the fact that they did not live in the area. Interestingly, His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales, who in Scotland uses the title Duke of Rothesay, did not object to the plans. The Duke and Heir Apparent is known internationally for his promotion of renewable energy and His Royal Highness stays at the Castle for a week every August.

The scheme was approved as it would have an “unwelcome” but not an “unacceptable” visual impact upon the surrounding area.

The Telegraph reports that the Scottish SNP lead Government is putting much pressure on local authorities to pass more planning applications for wind farms. This seems to be the complete opposite to the Westminster Government’s plans, for the Coalition has provided local people with a greater say in the development of such farms and thus thousands of similar applications will more than likely be defeated.

With the cost of fuel going up, the thousands of Stately Homes dotted around the United Kingdom will more than likely have to look at new ways to power the vast places or place them up for sale as the cost of the utility bills exceeds their income.

The Financial Times reported in 2010 that the electricity and gas bill for the Royal Palaces exceeded 2.2million pounds during 2010. As we enter a new age of economic hardship and eco-awareness the Royal family may be forced to evaluate how they source their electricity, however I believe that there is little chance that we are going to see a 91ft turbine over-shadowing Buckingham Palace within the coming years. – Well I do hope not…

photo credit: OctogenEm via photopin cc

  • Perhaps some solar panels on the roof of the palace would be an unobtrusive solution.

  • royalman1

    I hate wind turbines and I think that they destory the setting of great homes such as the one stated. Let’s protect the past by not damaging it with our future.

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