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Win a copy of the new book: William and Kate’s Britain by Claudia Joseph

A new book on The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge is hitting shelves near you.

Royal central readers have the chance to win a copy of William and Kates Britain by Claudia Joseph.

Royal central readers have the chance to win a copy of William and Kates Britain by Claudia Joseph.

William and Kate’s Britain by Claudia Joseph features all the locations associated with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, such as where they met, where they lived before and after they married, where they eat, drink and socialise with friends, their schools, colleges, the charities they support, to name a few. Researched and written by royal author and commentator Claudia Joseph, the book is a unique guide to the royal haunts and perfect for both tourists and royal watchers, both here and globally.

Our Editor in Chief had the chance to interview the author, Claudia Joseph.

How did you get your start in Royal watching? Was there a certain moment in Royal history or perhaps the news, that made you decide to focus your writing on the Royal Family?

It all began when I was commissioned to write an article for the Mail on Sunday about the girl who was dating Prince William. I began researching Kate’s family history and tracked down many of her relatives, who had no idea that they were related to her. I then wrote my first book Kate: Princess in Waiting – it came out in hardback in 2009 and was relaunched as a paper book just days after William and Kate got engaged.

Why did you choose to write William and Kate’s Britain? How did you come to the idea?

I was having a brainstorming lunch with my publisher, who is an old friend when we came up with the idea. I wanted to write a book that would look beautiful, give people pleasure and be enjoyable to write.

Is there a place in your book that is a favourite of yours? Any particular reason besides it being tied to William and Kate?

My favourite chapter is Gloucestershire as I was brought up in the county. I grew up in the village of Bibury and went to school in Cheltenham so I already knew many of William and Kate’s haunts.

Photo Credit: Splendid Publications 2015.

The book is available at Splendid Books

Royal Central readers have the chance to win a copy of William and Kate’s Britain by Claudia Joseph.


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