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New film about conflict between Queen Sonja and father-in-law King Olav

This autumn, the Norwegian movie The King’s Choice premiered in Norwegian cinemas. The film is about the Norwegian Royal Family during the eruption of World War II in Norway and has been very popular. It is even nominated for an Oscar. Now, we could get a new movie about the Norwegian royals. It became known today that the Norwegian film company Paradox has been working on a screenplay for a film about Queen Sonja for the last three years.

Crown Prince Harald and Sonja Haraldsen in 1968. Photo: National Archives of Norway via Wikimedia Commons.

Queen Sonja was an ordinary Norwegian girl when she became acquainted with then Crown Prince Harald in 1959. The problem was Norway’s late King Olav V. King Olav was a very traditional monarch and had clearly expressed that he wished Norway’s next queen to be from one of Europe’s royal families. He did not like the idea that an ordinary Norwegian girl would one day become queen.

King Olav won the support of both the Norwegian government and the Prime Minister, and they attempted to dissuade Crown Prince Harald to start a relationship with Sonja Haraldsen. The Crown Prince would not listen to his father or the politicians. He continued to meet Sonja, and this was to be a nine-year-long battle. King Olav and the Prime Minister did everything they could to keep the romance hidden, and they managed it for nine years. When the Norwegian newspapers eventually found out, King Olav had no choice but to allow the two to get married. The two got married in 1968. It is, therefore, likely that the film will be about the conflict between the traditional monarch King Olav, who would prevent the marriage and the ordinary Norwegian girl who became Norway’s Queen when King Olav died in 1991.

King Olav V of Norway along with his son and daughter-in-law on their wedding day. Photo: National Archives of Norway.

The production company has now asked for 15 million in funding from the Norwegian Film Institute to produce the film. Now, the Norwegian Film Institute will carry out a survey to find out if the movie has market value and if the people want to see such a film. The decision whether the movie will become a reality will come in January 2017.

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