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Will Harry wear a wedding ring?

Traditionally royal grooms do not wear a wedding ring, with only the bride receiving a wedding band during the ceremony. It is currently unknown whether Prince Harry will continue with this tradition or opt to wear a band to display his love rather than royal protocol.

The Duke of Cambridge chose to follow family tradition and not wear the symbol of marriage, whereas The Prince of Wales wears a ring on his little finger instead. It is believed that this royal tradition comes from the fact that originally men did not wear wedding bands and it was only during the periods of the Two World Wars that wearing a ring as a memento to remember a wife back home became popular.

Whether Harry wears a ring or not it is almost certain that Meghan will wear a traditional Welsh gold band. For almost 100 years now, Welsh gold has been used to create most royal wedding bands and it is believed that Meghan will receive this sort of band. The royal family own a stock of Welsh gold from the Clogau St. David’s gold mine in North Wales. The type of gold is seen as very precious as well as rare.

The tradition began with Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon in 1923, who is now remembered as the Queen mother. The gold used for the wedding rings of the Queen Mother, The Queen, Princess Margaret, The Princess Royal and Diana, Princess of Wales all came from the same nugget gifted to the royals by the gold mine. There is now barely any of this original gifted nugget remaining, but in 1981 the British Royal Legion presented the Queen with a new piece to create future wedding rings from.

We will see on Saturday if Meghan wears a ring created from this same stock of gold and if Prince Harry decides to break royal tradition and receive a ring from his bride.

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