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‘Trooping The Colour Could Be Axed In Upcoming Defence Cuts’ – According To Sun Newspaper

According to the Sun Newspaper (yes, not the world’s most reputable Royal source), Trooping The Colour could be suggested for being axed in upcoming defence cuts. Alongside the famous Red Arrow, Trooping The Colour is said to be on the list for the cuts.

David Cameron, according to the Sun, has warned that military bosses could consider scrapping the Trooping The Colour ceremony. However, there have been many sources who say both this and the Red Arrows will not be under threat in any defence cuts.

Trooping The Colour is an annual event held on Horseguards’ Parade attended by members of the Royal Family and performed by companies of The Queen’s Guards. there are 5 regiments of Queen’s Guards and every year, there are around 1,000 soldiers on parade for Trooping The Colour as well as the King’s Troop Royal Horse Artillery and Mounted Bands Of the Household Cavalry.

The ceremony has existed for hundreds of years and was originally a way for footguards to present their regiment’s colours in front of the soldiers so they’d know what to rally around in the confusion of battle. Nowadays it’s a yearly spectacle held on the Sovereign’s official birthday in June.

Scrapping the ceremony would be ludicrous and was be the dismantling of one of Britain’s finest traditions. We certainly can’t see it happening!

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