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Three men sentenced to prison after shooting towards the Danish royal yacht with a spud gun

Three Danish citizens have been sentenced to three months suspended sentence after they fired at the Danish royal yacht “Dannebrog” with a spud gun. This may sound like harmless youth pranks, but the men convicted in the case are 48, 49 and 51-years-old. The incident took place this summer when Queen Margrethe’s private ship lay anchored in the Danish town of Sønderborg.

It was on 17 July that the three men shot several shots with a spud gun. The Royal yacht was anchored just outside Sønderborg Castle. Queen Margrethe was inside the castle and was not hurt in the incident. The Royal yacht was not hit by the shots, but the three men admitted that they tried with the purpose of hitting the ship. At least three shots were fired, and one car that was parked at the dock close to the ship was hit by one of the pellets. The ammunition the three men used in the spud gun were oranges.

The Danish royal yacht anchored in Sønderborg. The large building to the right is Sønderborg Castle. Photo: Erik Christensen via Wikimedia Commons.

Several witnesses reported immediately to the police that shots had been fired at the Queen’s ship. Large police forces came out, and Sønderborg Castle was locked down. Large military forces were sent out to guard the castle. The three men were not drunk when they were arrested shortly after the police arrived. In addition to the penalty of three months suspended prison, the men must perform 80 hours of community service. They accepted the judgment on the spot and will not appeal.

There have recently been several cases where people have attacked or threatened to carry out attacks against the Scandinavian royal houses. Royal Central earlier today reported that a 23-year-old Norwegian was sentenced to 15 months in prison after having threatened to kill members of the Norwegian Royal Family.

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