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The Queen is hiring a full time housekeeper on a £16,500 salary

Buckingham Palace is recruiting a Housekeeping Assistant to provide hospitality and cleaning services in London’s most famous landmark for a salary of £16,500.

In return for the low salary, the new Housekeeping Assistant will be provided with accommodation and food, “for which there will be a salary adjustment”.

The job advert specifies that the successful candidate must be able to work full-time for five days a week.

Buckingham Palace housekeepers must clean, dust and polish the 775-room building, including delicate ornaments and antiques.

According to the job description: “This is a career pathway in hospitality that will develop your housekeeping skills and expertise. Joining our professional team, you’ll upkeep, clean and care for a wide range of interiors and items, ensuring they’re presented to their very best.

“In an environment where development and training is commonplace, you’ll be able to grow your skills far beyond your immediate role.”

There are also opportunities to clean Windsor Castle.

The successful candidate must have “enthusiasm and interest in hospitality to deliver the exceptional”, as well as having an “eye for detail.”

The job also boasts comprehensive employees benefits package, with 33 days holiday.

The average salary for a housekeeper in London is £23,165. This means that Buckingham Palace pays around £6,000 less than the average. However, accommodation is provided.

Five years ago, the salary being offered was £14,200, meaning wages have been increased slightly following heavy criticism.

If you are interested in applying for the role of Housekeeping Assistant, click here to be directed to The Royal Household’s website. Applications close on 9th July.

Other vacancies that are currently being advertised include an Apprentice Bookbinder, a Fire Safety and Access Officer and an Inclusion Manager.

  • Lizz

    No wonder the Royal Family is so rich. That amount wouldn’t even pay for one of Kate’s outfits! For shame…..

    • Shavri

      and idiots like you who don’t have a clue are still idiots… for shame, There IS hope. Hold your breath until you cause yourself asphyxia. I am sure that will improve the intelligence in your immediate vicinity.

      • Lord Eden

        Hark at the pot screaming black at passing shiny kettles

    • Alessia Rose


  • Stan

    Such a bias report. Disgusting!

  • Tracy Ramogotsi

    do any of you know the cost of living accommodation in london. i assure u u cant live in london anywhere for 6k per year. the package is worth well over the average of 23k elsewhere in the City..

  • Susan Wildman

    That’s not a bad salary and the perks of living in the most famous place ever. That’s just so sweet.

  • BooBooBaby

    So, does this person, that takes this job, get a free place to live!? And what if this person has a family!?

    Seems like a very low wage.

  • Magdalena Frac

    I am interested in work as a maid and help in the Queen’s palace.

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