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The Most Popular Hobbies among Brits

With life that seems to be getting harder by the day as a result of so many stressors out there, there is nothing like a good hobby to keep you from worrying about Brexit or foreign affairs. Brits do enjoy their hobbies and can be found day after day doing what they love most. For some it’s keeping up with the Royals and for others it’s a passion for their football team. Others spend time chatting away on phones and online while others yet enjoy a bit of gaming and gambling. Have you ever wondered what the most popular hobbies among Brits are? Well, wonder no more. Here they are.

Undoubtedly Number 1 – The Royals

If there is one thing which can be said about Britons, that would be the fact that we do love our Royal Family and are deeply passionate about all things royal. From the marriage of William to Kate through the births of their children and which hat the Queen will be wearing at the next garden event, the Royal Family sells more papers and magazines than any other interest and why so many people make a hobby of Royal collectibles.

Football a Very Close Second

Then there is football. What fan could resist following their favourite team? Whether it’s Manchester United, Liverpool, Everton or any of the amazing teams in the game, there are diehard fans who would give anything and everything they own to be at every single game at home or away. Some fans are so passionate about the game as to start a row when a fan of the opposition gets a bit too cheerful. Just look at the memorabilia sold on eBay and Amazon daily and you’ll begin to get an idea of just how popular football is with Brits.

Texting, Sexting and Chatting

Actually, it’s hard to call texting, sexting and chatting a hobby because everybody and their brother has a mobile phone, a laptop, tablet or other connected device that it has become a way of life. Even so, per the technical definition of a hobby, you could include chatting up mates in a chat room as well as taking part in SexChat at sites like From texting messages throughout the day to joining forums and message boards, you will find most Brits spending a good deal of their day working those fingers and thumbs. Don’t forget chatting on social media as well! Can you imagine if this were actually listed as a ‘hobby’? Nothing could compare.

Gaming & Gambling Online and Off

From playing Bingo to World of Warcraft multiplayer online gaming, there is a social aspect to gaming and gambling that is alluring and a favourite hobby of Brits of all ages. From very young teens to those in their senior years, you can find Britons online playing games, at the races (when they are of age!) and betting on their favourite teams. There are so many games both on and off line that it is no wonder why this is a popular pastime.

So there you have the most popular hobbies among Brits. Which is your passion?

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