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The Duchess of Cambridge Visits Pegasus Primary School in London

In her continued efforts in the fight against the massive mental health issues plaguing our world today, HRH Catherine Duchess of Cambridge paid a special visit to the Pegasus Primary School in Oxford on Tuesday 6 March.

This visit is in conjunction with Family Links which is a charity organisation that works towards the full emotional health of parents and children.

Upon her arrival to the school, Her Royal Highness was noted to have been pleasantly surprised and amused by the attention from a rather young regal fan by the name of Tillie. The nine-month-old child whose mother held her close was seen waving her arms in glee at the Duchess of Cambridge upon her warm greeting.

HRH was also presented with a book of lullabies as a gift for the coming royal baby whose due date is only weeks away. The collection of poems and such were written by the children of the school.

During her visit, HRH was able to view first hand the results of good education commenting briefly how impressed she was by the children’s speech and communication.

Ten-year-old Zhara Gathenya who had the honour of meeting Her Royal Highness along with a handful of other children her age was quoted in saying, “It’s probably a once in a lifetime opportunity to actually meet somebody from the royal family…It wasn’t as nerve-racking as you think it would be because she’s just a normal, ordinary person like everybody else.”

HRH Catherine Duchess of Cambridge visited with both adults and children alike during this visit, taking advantage of a moment with several children during their session in which they discuss social issues such as bullying and emotional stress. She also participated in round table discussion with parents and teachers in regards to the importance of emotional support in the education system.

“There is so much emphasis on academic achievement. But so much of their social skills and their life skills are built through this,” Her Royal Highness stated.

Family Links’ chief executive Sarah Darton also said: “The cornerstone of the nurturing programme is empathy. And helping children, parents, teachers – all of us – develop our capacity for understanding another person’s feelings, and to reflect those back.”

HRH the Duchess of Cambridge also emphasised to the children her approval and joy at the prospect that children in such education systems have an outlet to express their feelings and that it should surely prepare them for ultimate success in their lives.

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