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The BBC is primed for a major royal announcement in the coming days

The BBC is reportedly prepared for an imminent announcement of a royal wedding as speculation mounts that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are about to reveal their engagement.

According to the London Evening Standard, “the BBC is primed for a royal announcement.”

Sources say that an engagement announcement could come as soon as tomorrow, or early next week.

Since the news emerged that Prince Harry had whisked Meghan away to Africa for a romantic holiday in August, speculation has been rife that an engagement would be imminent.

These rumours were strengthened after Meghan conducted an interview with Vanity Fair in September, where she spoke publicly for the first time about her relationship with the fifth-in-line to the throne.

The American-born actress recently departed the US TV drama, Suits, as she and her dogs are reportedly in the process of moving to London.

The Succession to the Crown Act 2013 states that up to the sixth-in-line to the throne must have The Queen’s permission. Even if Harry waited until after the Duke and Duchess’s third child to be born in April 2018, Harry would still need approval as he would only fall from fifth to sixth.

As well, when Harry does ask permission, The Queen could veto the whole idea if she feels the match would “diminish the status of the royal house.”

Then, a venue will be chosen after The Queen’s diary is consulted to make sure the wedding date doesn’t fall in a time where she has a prior commitment. They could marry at Westminster Abbey (the same church as William and Kate) as the General Synod Ruling of 2002 now allows divorced people to marry in the Church of England. Harry could take after his father, who when he married the divorced Camilla Parker-Bowles, chose the low-key Windsor Guildhall.

However, the more likely choice will be St Paul’s Cathedral, the same location his mother, Diana, Princess of Wales wed Prince Charles. A fitting way to incorporate his mother who can only be there with him in spirit.

Lastly, before the wedding, new titles will be chosen for the couple. There are a few Dukedoms free right now, but the likely choice will the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Additional reporting by Jamie Samhan
  • Lesleyc

    St. Paul’s? The idea is laughable! He’s not the heir to the heir to the throne – he’s fifth in line and soon to be sixth! St paul’s was chosen for his parents marriage as Prince Charles was the heir and the acoustics were better than the Abbey. Romantic as it may sound for St Paul’s to be chosen, If it is anywhere in London, Westminster Abbey is far easier and cheaper for security.

  • Kathleen Ames

    St.Paul’s is most unlikely. It has a larger capacity that Westminster Abbey and that was the only reason it was used for the wedding of Prince Charles. As heir to the throne it was necessary to invite more dignitaries and Heads of State. Harry will have a lower key affair.

  • SylviasDaddy

    … or they could simply go to a Registry Office and be done with it …

  • Ladyhawke

    Oh, dear…

    • PennieP.

      Oh! Dear isn’t the half of it!!
      More like God have Mercy…
      I’m hoping the announcement is about handing over more duties to Charles.

      • Ladyhawke

        Yes, I’m hopping for the same quite possible as Charles stepped in for HM during recent Remembrance Day ceremony.
        The PR boffins can spin themselves into whirling dervishes (sp?) – for many – the Brits and those of us who grew up in Commonwealth countries, that were strongly defined by the ideals associated with the Monarchy, they’re whistling in the wind.
        Great to hear from you P.! Been difficult week: found out I will probably require a back operation toward end of January. That news went over with more terror than MM marrying into the royal.
        I’ve viewed “the other place” a few times. Noticed the numbers have dropped significantly, and “Gina” is still slithering around on the boards. Must see if I can find Sigi. I’ll be on later today. Good to catch up, O.

      • Ladyhawke

        Comment still pending, I see, E-i-C. A minor overreaction to a comment which included a little humour and a modicum of friendly chat with a friend, eh?

        • Da Truth

          Your mindless, rambling insanity is not welcome here.

        • PennieP.

          Yes.. I’m not going to name names… But I’m put on “HOLD ” for making a comment to a certain someone.
          And look at all the HOOPLA!! over nothing, I might add…
          Big announcement is made, and ~SURPRISE!! ~☺ it didn’t have one thing to do with Pagan and Scary -Harry getting Engaged.
          Well, who didn’t know that was not happening?
          I think they have a very inflated image of themselves.
          And here in the US? hardly anyone give Pagan a second thought….
          Royal Engagement.. Please.!

          • Ladyhawke

            Not to worry P. As you can see, this old NewsCorp hack has been told by the young man below that my “mindless, rambling insanity is not welcome here”. Ouch! Drafting a little text to Charles Proctor to

          • Lily Mathers

            You two need to take your personal conversation somewhere that makes you less gauche. So tacky.

          • Ladyhawke

            LOL!! “gauche” and “tacky”? As is oft said, “Mind your own business” – and don’t bother complaining about my response. You approached me, quite unnecessarily.

  • sascha11

    St George’s Chapel at Windsor would be my guess. Just like Edward and Sophie s wedding.

  • PennieP.

    Don’t get carried away.
    I’m praying it has something to do with the duties of Queen Elizabeth.
    An announcement does not mean “Wedding “… I hope!!

    • Caroline

      Why would you be “praying” at all? Why would this be so important to you one way or the other?

      • PennieP.

        Go be edgy somewhere else

        • Caroline

          “Don’t get carried away”

  • K

    I wish Harry and Meghan nothing but the absolute best. All the most happy blessings to them both for a very happy future together.

  • HotMess88

    The last time the royal staff were woken in the early morning hours, it was to announce Philip was to be stepping down from his royal duties at a future date. The Queen may be handing the bulk of her duties to Charles in the not too distant future. Credible journals have been speculating, for at least twelve months, that Charles has already taken over many of the major decisions associated with the Firm.

  • BatCounty

    The stated fact that “the BBC is primed for a royal announcement” could mean any damned thing. One vague sentence and there’s some snippy sniping about the wedding venue. Take a sip of Chivas and wait for the word, eh?

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