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Secret Hobbies of the British Royal Family

The British Royal Family is like the greatest soap opera that has ever existed, and it’s been going strong for centuries. There are murders, divorces, beheadings, backstabbings, affairs, betrayals, and … bingo? Whilst the current Royal Family probably isn’t having midnight beheadings for the sake of the good old days, they do have some hobbies that aren’t really public knowledge and seeing as people are always hungry for Royal Family stories, dive into the world of Royal hobbies.

Will, the Queen, and Bingo

According to the sources Prince William and the Queen are big bingo fans. Whether this extends to ol’ Lizbeth tapping away on an iPhone playing some online bingo games in between state visits remains to be seen, but William has been spotted before heading out for a bingo night with his mates whilst he was training at Sandhurst. Apparently bingo isn’t just for old women, young British Princes can enjoy the action as well.


It would seem that the royal family are an arty bunch … but then the aristocracy usually are. Some of the earliest royal art dates back to Mary Queen of Scots and her embroidery she completed whilst locked away by her ruthless half-sister Elizabeth I. There is also the rumour that Henry VIII composed the much loved Greensleeves song, however this is heavily refuted. This arty connection spreads all the way to the modern day with future King, Prince Charles himself being an avid painter, following in his Great-Great Grandmother, Queen Victoria’s footprints. He is supposedly very talented and has been quoted as saying it is ‘more than just a hobby’.


I suppose there are some conspiracy theorists out there who believe that the British Royal Family are in fact all mutated wizard monsters that are controlling the world as some aristocratic Illuminati offshoot. Maybe there is some truth, as Price Charles, whilst he’s not painting, actually enjoys a spot of magic and back in 1975 was initiated into the Magic Circle. For those who don’t know, the Magic Circle is a semi-secretive organisation founded back in the late Victorian era that welcomes magicians to join their club after doing an audition. They get very touchy if you share their secrets, though.

The Queen of Crime

The fact that the royal family read is probably not that newsworthy, however what they read isn’t really public knowledge, and despite what you think the Queen’s favourite reading material isn’t Wordsworth, Dickens, or Joyce, but is actually crime fiction from the likes of PD James, Agatha Christie, and Dick Francis. I don’t know why I find this so interesting; I just can’t imagine the Queen reading crime thrillers. Maybe she’s hoping for a good old servant murder at Buckingham Palace where an enigmatic detective can come and solve it whilst the family sit in the drawing room, Poirot style.

Photographer Kate

We all know the Kate Middleton (although now has to be known as Princess Catherine) is the coolest British royal and so it is only fitting that she has an equally cool hobby. Princess Kate is a very keen photographer and although not much is known about this particular hobby, it is known that she took the pictures for her parent’s business, known as ‘Party Pieces’. She is also a keen hockey player, which she took up properly whilst studying as an undergraduate at St Andrews, which famously, is where she met Prince William.

Now, isn’t that all fascinating? Who knew that they were human too, just like us … well apart from Charles, who is quite clearly Dumbledore.

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