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Royal Central’s Countdown to Christmas- Day Twenty-One

So after today we only have three more Countdown to Christmas articles to see. Who can believe that Christmas has come around so quickly and what’s more we are nearly at the end of another fantastic year for the Royals. Though before we get to that point, we have another door to open on our very unique Christmas Countdown.

Our year of focus today is 1966.

Firstly what did The Queen have to say?

After extensive searching, there doesn’t seem to be a recording of Her Majesty’s 1966 Christmas Message, though what I did find was the transcript and that is below for you to have a read of:

“Ever since the first Christmas when the three wise men brought their presents, Christians all over the world have kept up this kindly custom.Even if the presents we give each other at Christmas-time may only be intended to give momentary pleasure, they do also reflect one all important lesson. Society cannot hope for a just and peaceful civilisation unless each individual feels the need to be concerned about his fellows.
All the great works of charity and all humanitarian legislation have always been inspired by a flame of compassion which has burnt brightly in the hearts of men and women. Mankind has many blemishes, but deep down in every human soul there is a store of goodwill waiting to be called upon.This year I should like to speak especially to women. In many countries custom has decreed that women should play a minor part in public affairs.It is difficult to realise that it was less than fifty years ago that women in Britain were first given the vote, but Parliament was first asked to grant this one hundred years ago.Yet, in spite of these disabilities, it has been women who have breathed gentleness and care into the harsh progress of mankind.The struggles against inhuman prejudice, against squalor, ignorance, and disease, have always owed a great deal to the determination and tenacity of women.The devotion of nuns and nurses, the care of mothers and wives, the service of teachers, and the conviction of reformers are the real and enduring presents which women have always given.In the modern world the opportunities for women to give something of value to the human family are greater than ever, because, through their own efforts, they are now beginning to play their full part in public life.We know so much more about what can be achieved; we know that the tyranny of ignorance can be broken; we know the rules of health and how to protect children from disease.We know all these things are important in our own homes, but it needs a very active concern by women everywhere if this knowledge is to be used where it is most needed. I am glad that in all countries of the Commonwealth women are more and more able to use it.I am sure the custom of giving presents at Christmas will never die out, but I hope it will never overshadow the far more important presents we can give for the benefit of the future of the world.People of goodwill everywhere are working to build a world that will be a happier and more peaceful place in which to live. Let our prayers be for a personal strength and conviction to play our own small part to bring that day nearer.God be with you, and a very happy Christmas to you all.”

And what happened Royally?
  • The Queen and Prince Philip made a state visit to Belgium.
  • The Queen and Prince Philip took on an extensive tour of the Commonwealth. Countries visited included Canada, Barbados, Dominica and Jamaica.
  • The M4 Motorway Port Talbot bypass is opened by The Queen.
  • Prince Charles visits Bondi Beach.
  • The Queen Mother attended the Royal Variety Performance.
  • The Queen Mother opens Flinders University.
  • The Queen Mother had a secret operation for colon cancer in December 1966.
  • The Queen opens the new Glasgow Airport.
  • The Queen Mother visited Australia, Fiji and New Zealand on board the Royal Yacht Britannia.
  • Princess Margaret and Lord Snowdon visit Hong Kong.
  • Princess Margaret also made a trip to the U.S.A
  • After the Aberfan disaster, The Queen and Prince Philip made a visit.
  • Princess Alexandra gave birth to a daughter, Marina Victoria Alexandra Ogilvy.
  • The Prince of Wales was made a Counsellor of State.
  • The Queen was awarded the Grand Cordon of the Austrian Order of Merit.

Featured Photo Credit: Tom Page

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