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Royal Central’s Countdown to Christmas: Day Twenty

It’s only five days until Christmas Day is upon us but until that day, why not feast your eyes upon Royal Central’s next instalment in our very unique Countdown to Christmas.

Today we are looking at the year 1994.

Firstly what did The Queen have to say?

And what happened Royally?
  • The Queen and Prince Philip visited Calais.
  • The Queen Mother celebrates her 94th birthday.
  • The Queen and Prince Phillip made a state visit to Russia.
  • Lady Sarah Armstrong Jones and Daniel Chatto marry. Sarah is the daughter of Princess Margaret.
  • The Duchess of Kent converts to Catholicism.
  • While in Sydney, The Prince of Wales has two blanks fired at him during an Australia Day speech.
  • The Princess Royal is appointed to the Order of the Garter.
  • The Queen unveils a memorial to the Canadian war dead in Green Park.
  • The Queen and President Mitterrand formerly open the Channel Tunnel.
  • The Queen and Prince Philip visit Wolverhampton.
  • Princess Margaret visits Manchester.

Featured Photo Credit: ogoco

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