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Royal Central’s Countdown to Christmas: Day Six

It’s that time of the day again, stop what you are doing and sit back as Royal Central opens the sixth door on its own Royal door of festivity.

The year we are travelling back to today is 1988.

Firstly what did The Queen have to say?

The Queens Christmas message this year saw her focus on three important anniversaries. The 400th of The Spanish Armada, 300th of The Glorious Revolution and 200th of the founding of Australia. Relive that message below:

  And what happened in that year?
  • 5th January- Rowan Atkinson launches the new Comic Relief charity appeal.
  • 4th February- Nearly 7,000 ferry workers go on strike in Britain, paralysing the nation’s seaports.
  • 29th March- Plans are unveiled for Europe’s tallest skyscraper to be built at Canary Wharf.
  • 21st April- The Government announces that nurses will receive a 15% pay rise, to be funded by the Treasury.
  • 2nd May- Three off duty British servicemen are killed by the IRA in The Netherlands.
  • 2nd June- U.S President Ronald Reagan pays a visit to Britain.
  • 5th July- The Church of England announces that it will allow the ordination of women priests from 1992.
  • 31st August- Postal workers walk out on strike over a dispute concerning bonuses paid to recruit new workers in London and the South East.
  • 17th September- Great Britain and Northern Ireland begin competing at the Olympics in Seoul.
  • 28th October- British Rail announce a 21% rise in the cost of long distance season tickets.
  • 4th November- Margaret Thatcher presses for freedom for the people of Poland in her visit to Gdansk.
  • 16th December- Edwina Currie resigns as Health Minister.
But just what happened Royally?
  • On the 10th March, The Prince of Wales narrowly avoided death after an avalanche on a skiing holiday in Switzerland. Former equerry to The Queen, Major Hugh Lindsay, was killed.
  •  In 1988, Prince Charles and Diana, Princess of Wales met with Michael Jackson.
  • To mark the 300th anniversary of the Glorious Revolution, The Queen and Prince Philip made a state visit to The Netherlands.
  • To mark the 400th anniversary of The Spanish Armada, The Queen and Prince Philip made a state visit to Spain.
  • On 8th August, The Duke and Duchess of York’s first child was born. Princess Beatrice would be fifth in line to the Throne until the birth of Prince George in July 2013.
  • The Queen Mother visited Northern Ireland.
  • Former Governess to Her Majesty The Queen, Marion Crawford, died in Aberdeen.
  • Princess Margaret visited Nottingham City Hospital.

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