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Royal Central’s Countdown to Christmas- Day Seventeen

So a week today will be Christmas Eve and sadly our Countdown to Christmas series will be at an end. But that is next week and today our very unique countdown to the big day continues.

Our year of focus today is 1996.

Firstly what did The Queen have to say?

And what happened in that year?
  • 23rd January- Much of Britain is struck by sub zero temperatures and snow storms. Schools and transport are affected.
  • 13th February- Take That, Britain’s most successful band so far in the 1990’s, announce they are splitting up.
  • 22nd March- The European Union prohibits exports of British beef as a result of the BSE crisis.
  • 16th April- Labour wins the Staffordshire South East seat from the Conservatives in a by-election.
  • 2nd May- The Conservatives lose 578 seats in local council elections.
  • 15th June- A massive IRA bomb explodes in Manchester City Centre, devastating the city’s retail district.
  • 12th July- Nelson Mandela visits Britain.
  • 14th August- Unemployment has fallen to 2,126,200- its lowest level in more than five years.
  • 20th September- Jockey, Willie Carson, is injured after being kicked by a horse at Newbury.
  • 13th October- Racing driver Damon Hill wins the Japanese Grand Prix.
  • 18th November- The Channel Tunnel fire. The tunnel is closed when a truck on a transporter wagon catches fire.
  • 10th December- James Mirrlees wins the Nobel Prize in Economics.
But just what happened Royally?
  • On 28th February, Diana, Princess of Wales agrees to give The Prince of Wales a divorce, more than three years after separating. They complete divorce proceedings in August.
  • On 17th April, The Duke and Duchess of York begin divorce proceedings after four years of separation. They complete proceedings in May.
  • Prince Charles visited Manitoba.
  • The Queen and Prince Philip made a state visit to Poland.
  • The Queen and Prince Philip made a state visit to South Africa. Their host is President Mandela.
  • Princess Anne served as Her Majesty’s High Commissioner to the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland.
  • Princess Margaret visits Northern Ireland.
  • In October, The Prince of Wales visited Brussels.
  • The Prince also paid a visit to Sarajevo this year.
  • On the 30th November, The Stone of Scone is installed in Edinburgh Castle 700 years after it was removed from Scotland by King Edward I of England.
  • Princess Margaret’s Daughter, Lady Sarah Chatto, has her first child, Samuel Chatto.

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