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Royal Central’s Countdown to Christmas: Day Nine

Who can believe that it is the 9th December already and that Christmas Day is just around the corner. But before I panic you even more, why not open Royal Central’s ninth door on our very unique countdown to Christmas.

The year we are looking at today is 1984.

Firstly lets see what The Queen had to say.

And what happened in that year?
  • 13th January- Six people die when Britain is battered by hurricane force winds.
  • 14th February- Torvill and Dean win a gold medal for ice skating at the Sarajevo Winter Olympics.
  • 27th March- Starlight Express opens at the Apollo Victoria Theatre in London.
  • 15th April- The comedian Tommy Cooper collapses and dies on stage from a heart attack while live on television show, Live from Her Majesty’s.
  • 2nd May- The Liverpool International Garden Festival opens in Liverpool.
  • 7th June- 120 people are arrested after fighting breaks out in the Houses of Parliament during a mass lobby by striking miners.
  • 28th July- Britain and Northern Ireland begin competing at the Summer Olympics in Los Angeles. They win 5 gold medals, 11 silver medals and 21 bronze medals.
  • 24th August- Car maker Vauxhall unveil the Mk2 Astra, which will go on sale in October.
  • 4th September- Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends series begins on ITV.
  • 23rd October- BBC newsreader Michael Buerk gives powerful commentary on the famine in Ethiopia. Many British charities begin collection work to aid the famine victims.
  • 25th November- Many of Britain and Ireland’s pop musicians gather in a Notting Hill studio to form Band Aid and record the song, ‘Do They Know Its Christmas. The single would go on to top the UK charts and go down as one of the most memorable Christmas songs ever.
  • 16th December- Michail Gorbachev of the Soviet Union visits Britain.
But just what happened Royally?
  • Her Majesty The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh travelled to New Brunswick to celebrate the province’s bicentennial.
  • The Prince of Wales gives a speech at the 150th anniversary of the Royal Institute of British Architects.
  • Princess Anne congratulated Torvill and Dean on their Olympic gold medal win. The Queen also sent a telegram commending the couple on their outstanding achievement.
  • The Royal Family commemorate the 40th anniversary of D-Day.
  • David Frost interviews Princess Anne on TV-AM.
  • Prince Andrew visits St Helena.
  • Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother along with Prince Charles and Diana, Princess of Wales attend the Royal Variety Performance.
  • Princess Margaret makes a guest appearance in BBC series The Archers.
  • On the 15th September, Prince Henry of Wales is born. He is the second child of The Prince of Wales and Diana, Princess of Wales.
  • On the 21st December Prince Harry is christened Henry Charles Albert David.
  • The Queen and Prince Philip made a brief, private visit to the USA.

Featured Photo Credit: Tom Page



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