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Royal Central’s Countdown to Christmas: Day Five

So it’s less than three weeks until the big day but fear not, Royal Central are back with some more Royal ramblings as we open door number five on our own very special advent calendar, minus the chocolate!

Today we will be going back 37 years to The Queen’s Silver Jubilee year, 1977.

Firstly just what did The Queen have to say?

After extensive searching, I could not find the video of Her Majesty’s 1977 Christmas Message, though below there is a short snippet of that years Christmas Broadcast.

I shall never forget the scene outside Buckingham Palace on Jubilee Day. The cheerful crowd was symbolic of the hundreds of thousands of people who greeted us wherever we went in this Jubilee Year – in twelve Commonwealth countries and thirty-six counties in the United Kingdom.
But I believe it also revealed to the world that we can be a united people. It showed that all the artificial barriers which divide man from man and family from family can be broken down.
The street parties and village fêtes, the presents, the flowers from the children, the mile upon mile of decorated streets and houses; these things suggest that the real value and pleasure of the celebration was that we all shared in it together.
Last Christmas I said that my wish for 1977 was that it should be a year of reconciliation. You have shown by the way in which you have celebrated the Jubilee that this was not an impossible dream. Thank you all for your response.

Although I couldn’t find the video of Her Majesty’s Christmas speech for 1977, what I did find was the reply that Queen Elizabeth II gave to both the House of Lords and House of Commons on the occasion of her Silver Jubilee.

 And what happened in that year?
  • 3rd January- Home Secretary, Roy Jenkins, announces he is leaving the House of Commons to become President of the European Commission.
  • 4th February- Police discover an IRA bomb factory in Liverpool.
  • 1st March- James Callahan threatens to withdraw state aid to British Leyland unless it puts an end to strikes.
  • 11th April- London Transport’s Silver Jubilee buses are launched.
  • 21st May- Manchester United win the FA Cup for the fourth time. They defeated Liverpool 2-1 at Wembley Stadium.
  • 20th June- Anglia Television broadcasts the fake documentary Alternative 3.
  • 23rd July- Chrysler Europe launch the Sunbeam. A car similar in concept to the Ford Fiesta and Vauxhall Chevette.
  • 23rd August- A new, smaller, £1 note is introduced.
  • 26th September- Freddie Laker launches the new budget Skytrain airline. The first single fare from Gatwick to New York cost £59 compared to £186.
  • 14th October- Fourteen people are injured after a bomb explosion at a London pub.
  • 14th November- Firefighters go on strike for the first time, in the hope of getting a 30% wage increase.
  • 25th December- The Morecambe and Wise Christmas Show on BBC1 attracts more than 28 million viewers. One of the highest viewing figures in British history.
But just what happened Royally?

Being her Silver Jubilee year it was a very busy one for Her Majesty The Queen and of course Prince Philip. Lets begin by listing everything that they got up to in 1977.

  • 6th February-  The Queen celebrates 25 years since her accession to the Throne, she also remembers the 25 years gone by since her Father, King George VI, died.
  • 10th February- The Queen and Prince Philip visit American Samoa.
  • 11th February- The Queen and Prince Philip visit Western Samoa.
  • 14th February- The Queen and Prince Philip visit Tonga.
  • 16-17th February- The Royal couple continue their tour in Fiji.
  •   22nd February-7th March- The Queen and Prince Philip tour New Zealand. On 28th February, Her Majesty takes part in the New Zealand State Opening of Parliament.
  • 7-30th March- The Queen and Prince Philip visit Australia. On 8th March, The Queen takes part in the Australian State Opening of Parliament.
  • 31st March- The Queen and Prince Philip visit Muscat.
  • 5th May- The Silver Jubilee review of Police in Hendon by Queen Elizabeth II.
  • 17th May- The Queen begins her Silver Jubilee tour in Glasgow.
  • 23-27th May- The Queen and Prince Phillip visit Edinburgh. On 27th May, Her Majesty opened the new Air Terminal Building at Edinburgh Airport.
  • 28th May- The Queen visits the town of Windsor as part of her Jubilee tour.
  • 6-9th June- Jubilee celebrations are held across the United Kingdom to celebrate 25 years of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign.
  • 10th August- The Queen and Prince Philip visit Northern Ireland.
  • 15th November- The Queen and Prince Philip become Grandparents for the first time as Princess Anne gives birth to a baby boy.
  • 16th December- The Queen opens a new £71 million extension to the London Underground which runs to Heathrow Airport.

And as for the other members of the Royal Family.

  • 17-23rd March- The Prince of Wales visits Ghana.
  • Princess Margaret visit RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus.
  • Princess Alexandra visits West Sussex.
  • Princess Anne visited Northern Ireland.
  • Prince Michael of Kent represented The Queen at the funeral of the President of India and at the funeral of the President of Cyprus.
  • On the 22nd December, Princess Anne’s first child was christened Peter Mark Andrew Phillips.


Featured Photo Credit: Tom Page

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