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Royal Central’s Countdown to Christmas: Day Fifteen

It’s ten days until Christmas Day and what better way to celebrate that fact than by opening Royal Central’s fifteenth door on our very special Countdown to Christmas.

Our chosen year today is 1991.

Firstly lets see what The Queen had to say.

And what happened in that year?
  • 17th January- The Gulf War begins, as the Royal Air Force join allied aircraft in bombing raids on Iraq.
  • 17th February- Barclays Bank is said to be on the verge of axing more than 13,000 workers.
  • 23rd March- John Major announces the abolition of the Community Charge.
  • 19th April- George Carey enthroned as Archbishop of Canterbury.
  • 17th May- The Conservatives lose another by-election when Labour gain their Monmouth seat in Wales.
  • 28th June- Margaret Thatcher announces she will stand down as a Member of Parliament, eight months after resigning as Prime Minister.
  • 15th July- The 17th G7 Summit is held in London.
  • 30th August- Scottish runner, Liz McColgan, becomes the first British gold medallist at the World Athletics Championships in Tokyo.
  • 25th September- Kidnappers in Beirut release hostage Jackie Mann after two years in captivity.
  • 19th October- Canadian singer Bryan Adams makes history when his single ‘Everything I Do’ enters 15th successive week at the top of the UK Singles Chart.
  • 1st November- Computer retailer PC World opens its first store in Croydon.
  • 23rd December- Bohemian Rhapsody returns to the top of the UK charts following November’s shock death of Freddie Mercury.
But just what happened Royally?
  • The Dartford Crossing was opened by Her Majesty The Queen.
  • The Queen and Prince Philip make a state visit to the United States of America.
  • The Queen and Prince Philip make a state visit to Namibia.
  • The Queen Mother opened Dornoch Bridge.
  • Prince Charles and Diana, Princess of Wales along with Princes William and Harry pay Canada a visit.
  • Princess Margaret meets Elizabeth Taylor.
  • The Queen and Prince Philip make a state visit to Zimbabwe.
  • Prince Charles and Diana, Princess of Wales talk with Luciano Pavarotti after a concert in Hyde Park.
  • A new painting of Her Majesty The Queen was commissioned for the 250th anniversary of the founding of the Royal Military Academy.

Featured Photo Credit: Tom Page

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