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Royal Central’s Countdown to Christmas: Day Eighteen

Christmas Day is just a stone’s throw away, St Nicholas is near enough ready to depart Lapland and we are all starting to smell turkey in our sleep. Until these things happen for real why not check out Royal Central’s next piece in our very unique Countdown to Christmas.

Our year for December 18th is 1987.

Firstly what did The Queen have to say?

And what happened that year?
  • 5th January- Former Prime Minister, Harold Macmillan, is buried in the village of Horsted Keynes.
  • 24th February- It is alleged that six Nazi war criminals are living in Britain.
  • 29th March- Margaret Thatcher makes a trip to Moscow.
  • 22nd April- Former Prime Minister, Jim Callaghan, is appointed to the Order of the Garter.
  • 16th May- Coventry City Football Club win the FA Cup for the first time in their history.
  • 22nd June- Race riots break out in the Chapeltown area of Leeds.
  • 29th July- The Channel Tunnel is given the go ahead after Margaret Thatcher and Francois Mitterand ratify the Treaty of Canterbury.
  • 30th August- David Owen forms a breakaway Social Democratic Party.
  • 7th September- Ford completes its takeover of the luxury sports car company Aston Martin.
  • 1st October- Swedish home retailer IKEA opens its first British store in Warrington.
  • 18th November- A fire at Kings Cross on the London Underground kills 31 people.
  • 25th December- 26,000,000 people tune in for the Christmas Day episode of Coronation Street.
But just what happened Royally?
  • The Queen and Prince Philip make a state visit to West Germany.
  • Her Majesty The Queen attended the 10th Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Canada.
  • Prince Charles visits Ham Polo Club.
  • The Queen and Prince Philip celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary.
  • The Queen Mother celebrates her 87th birthday at Clarence House.
  • In March, The Prince of Wales visited Zeebrugge to meet survivors and rescuers of a ferry disaster.
  • The Duke of Edinburgh visits Saskatchewan.
  • Later in the year, The Queen pays Saskatchewan a visit. The Duke of Edinburgh accompanies.
  • Princess Margaret visits Durham and Peterborough.
  • In January, Prince Edward leaves the Royal Marines after three months.
  • The Queen opens the Docklands Light Railway in London.
  • The Order of the Garter is opened to women.
  • Its a Royal Knockout is broadcast on television.

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