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Records Achieved By The British Royal Family

Yesterday, The Duke of Edinburgh marked becoming the oldest male member of the Royal Family in history – in this feature post, we take a look at some of the records that members of the Royal Family, past and present hold – both for longevity and other properties too.

  • Oldest Monarch in history, overtaking Queen Victoria in 2007. – Elizabeth II
  • [& The Duke of Edinburgh] longest-married couple in the Royal Family, in history.  – Elizabeth II
  • Longest-serving consort in British history. – Prince Philip
  • Oldest consort in British history. – Prince Philip
  • Oldest male member of the Royal Family in history. – Prince Philip
  • Longest serving heir apparent to the throne in history. (Over 61 years) – Prince Charles
  • Longest serving Prince of Wales in history (59 years). – Edward VII
  • Longest reigning male Monarch in history (59 years). – George III
  • Oldest member of the Royal Family in history (102 years) – Princess Alice, Duchess Of Gloucester
  • Longest lived Queen Consort in history (101 years) – Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother
  • Oldest Monarch at time of accession to the throne (64 years) – King William IV
  • Longest lived King in history (81 years) – George III

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