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Queen Sonja, Queen of Art

On Friday the 23th of September a new exhibition “Texture” opened in Trondheim, Norway. Queen Sonja, known to have a keen interest in art, was there as an honorary guest on the opening night. But that’s not the only reason why Queen Sonja was one of the first to see the graphic art exhibition.

Two years ago Queen Sonja teamed up with Magne Furuholmen for an artistic challenge. Queen Sonja is a passionate photographer and lover of all things nature. Her art partner Magne Furuholmen is more focused on graphic text and language. He is mostly known as musician from the famous group a-ha. Bring these two special persons together and it results in “Texture” (text + nature = texture). The result is a portfolio of ten prints by Her Majesty Queen Sonja and Magne Furuholmen. The prints are a combination of etching and photopolymer on white satin. Both artists used their own pictures as a starting point. Then they exchanged the pictures so they could make adjustments on their own and the other one’s photographs. Then they exchanged them again and again until they resulted in the artworks they are today. Two years later the result is astonishing.

The exhibition is made in support of The Queen Sonja Print Award. The revenues will go to the award. The Queen Sonja Print Award was founded by Her Majesty and Norwegian artists Kjell Nupen and Ønulf Opdahl with master printer Ole Larsen in 2011. The aim of the award is to “generate interest in and promote the development of graphic art.” The award is handed out every other year and Queen Sonja is on the jury.

The exhibition will be displayed at different places in Norway and Europe. The display of “Texture” kicked off in Bergen in early August. The next exhibition places will be Ålesund, Bodø and Steinberg. Next week the art collaboration will even be shown in the Paul Stolper Gallery in London.

Here you can watch a video of the making of.

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