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Queen Rania visits Queen Rania Family and Child Centre

The Queen Rania Family and Child Centre is a community centre that was established in 2005 under the Jordan River Foundation’s Child and Safety Program. It’s a centre that offers child protection activities to heavily populated areas with more than 250,000 people. Those who utilise its services are mainly from Jordan, Palestine, and Syria. Her Majesty, Queen Rania paid a visit to the centre on Tuesday and observed some activities.

The main service provided by the centre is to, according to the press release from Queen Rania’s office, “combat” child abuse. Through using holistic methods, the programmes seek to strengthen families in Jordan by creating awareness about child protection and growing family bonds to establish safer environments for children. On a more global level, the Jordan River Foundation has been working for the last 20 years to ensure the proper implementation of child rights and that the ‘appropriate child-rearing methods’ are being utilised throughout the country by families.

Queen Rania’s visit to the Queen Rania Family and Child Centre, (QRFCC), was so Her Majesty could see the new interactive programmes for children and family welfare in Jordan. The Queen was welcomed by Ms Enaam Barishi, Director General of the Jordan River Foundation (JRF), and Mrs Ghada Abu Al Rous, QRFCC’s Manager.

The first stop on her visit was to “Beit Sgheer,” or “My Little Home,” a simulated home. This part of the facility includes a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, feelings room, garden, and living room. The purpose of this programme is to use hands-on activities to explain and teach concepts of child abuse prevention to children and families.

The Queen was also shown The Power of Art programme; this is an interactive programme that uses specific art forms such as pottery, drawing, and puppet making to help raise its participants’ awareness on child safety. The QRFCC team explained that parents often participate in the sessions. Her Majesty then met with Syrian refugee families where she heard how art has helped increase communication among family members and also provided them with new skills.

The QRFCC’s Green House Corner allows both parents and children to participate in joint activities. Through gardening and planting, the family members can grow their self-esteem. This space is also used by children who participate in the international financial literacy project, “Aflatoun” programme. Here, they can implement the social and financial literacy skills they have learned in this programme.

For her final stop, The Queen headed to Al Karma Kitchen that opened this month. This newest branch of the centre is to provide economic empowerment opportunities to women. On social media, The Queen was very pleased with her tour of the QRFCC. She posted her praise to Twitter, saying: “At the Queen Rania Family & Child Center today; heartening to see how well children respond to hands-on activities that promote child safety.”

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