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Prince Joachim talked about Prince Nicolai’s future in a new interview

Prince Joachim has talked openly about how he envisions his eldest son’s future in a new interview. Danish magazine “Billed Bladet” has interviewed Prince Joachim in connection with the Prince’s official trip to Nepal together with the aid organisation CARE.

Prince Nikolai is the eldest son of Prince Joachim and his former wife Alexandra, the current Countess of Frederiksborg. Prince Nikolai was born in 1999 and was Queen Margrethe II of Denmark’s first grandchild. The Prince is also Count of Monpezat. After the Prince’s parents were divorced, they had joint custody of Prince Nikolai and his younger brother, Prince Felix. Prince Nikolai turns 18 in August, and will then reach the age of majority according to Danish law. “It is terrible, it is amazing that that time can go as fast”, says Prince Joachim to “Billed Bladet” during his trip to Nepal.

Family Photo from Prince Nikolai’s confirmation in 2013. Photo: Steen Brogaard / The Royal Court.

Prince Joachim is very clear that he thinks that his son will be able to decide for himself how his future will be. He does not want to put any limits on how active the Prince’s role should be in Denmark. Prince Joachim received his first patronage in the year he turned 18. The Prince does not want this to happen to his son unless this is something his son wants to happen. “He should not be forced into something, Nicolai’s future shall be conducted entirely by his own plan”, says his father.  Prince Joachim says that he wants to help his son and inspire him and act as an advisor when he is needed.

Prince Joachim believes it is important that his eldest son builds his life and his career on his own. He emphasised that this is an attitude he has towards the future of all of his four children. The Prince is nevertheless aware that his son will always be in the media spotlight. It is quite natural since he is the grandson of the Queen, nephew of the coming King and cousin of the subsequent King.

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