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Prince Harry Enjoys Night-Long Party In Fulham

Prince Harry was seen exiting a Sainsbury’s in Fulham, South London before making his way to a friend’s house nearby and attending a house party. Prince Harry has recently finished his 4-month tour of Afghanistan as an Apache helicopter pilot and is ‘getting back into the swing of things’ by attending a friend’s house party.

The Prince will now be on leave from the Army for 4-5 weeks after completing his tour of duty and explained in an interview how he longed to catch up with family, especially his brother, Prince William.

Sources say that Harry emerged at 10AM on Sunday, looking rather dishevelled and tanned (the former from the night’s drinking and the latter from his time in Afghanistan). He was swiftly picked up by his Royalty Protection Officers of the Metropolitan Police in the now ‘traditional’ Range Rover before driving off, presumably back to Kensington Palace.

Prince Harry is not expected to complete another tour of duty according to Army sources, partially because the war in Afghanistan ends in 2014 and partly because of the hassle to get him our there.

He will no doubt be looking at different options he has now. Captain Wales, as he is known in the Army, will now take a few weeks to relax and catch up with family before returning to his Army base.

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