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Prince Charles to open pop-up restaurant

His Royal Highness, The Duke of  Rothesay, is to open a restaurant to help flood victims in Aberdeenshire.

Prince Charles plans to open a pop-up restaurant to help the locals recover from the terrible events earlier in 2016. The flooded region, the burgh in Aberdeenshire was devastated by flooding caused by Storm Frank at the beginning of the year.

People who live in the Burgh were force to evacuate the region after the floods hit more than 300 homes and businesses.

The Queen’s son will open a pop-up restaurant in one of the village’s empty stores which is expected to sell his own Highgrove products.

The Prince had been spending the festive season nearby on the Royal Family’s Balmoral Estate when the River Dee burst its banks on December 30 and sent a torrent of destruction across the area.

He visited the village just a day after the flood waters receded and has since embarked on a fundraising drive to get local businesses back on their feet.

It was the second disaster to strike the village last year after the Old Royal Station, where Queen Victoria would alight from the royal carriage on her annual visit to Balmoral, was lost in a devastating fire back in May.

Robert Lovie, spokesman for the Duke of Rothesay’s Deeside flood appeal, said: “Ballater is so close to his heart that he wanted to help.

“He put a chunk of money in the pot and myself and others encouraged locals to put money in the fund as well.

“The restaurant would be set up temporarily until other things in Ballater, such as the station and other businesses, get back on their feet.

“We are just waiting for Aberdeenshire Council to confirm the planning and hopefully we can start getting the work done inside.

The Prince’s plan has received support among Ballater’s residents.

Jim Anderson, vice-chairman of Ballater Community Council, said: “This is the first I have heard of it, but that is definitely a positive thing for the village.

“The village is popular, not just because of its location, but because of the royals, and something like this will definitely draw tourists.

“This could help regenerate the village, which is what this year is all about.”

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