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New Zealand landmarks to light up for Royal Baby

Sky Tower, Auckland, NZ

Sky Tower, Auckland, NZ

With The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s first child and future heir to the throne speculated to be born any day now excitement is building within the United Kingdom, Commonwealth realms and indeed the world.

Each country seems around the world are preparing for the exciting day in a different way. Now, Canadian officials have announced plans to light up famous landmarks to celebrate the birth of baby Cambridge.

All around the country, Monarchy New Zealand has been working with government officials, local councils and even private businesses to illuminate buildings and attractions in unison on the night that the world receives the news that their royal highnesses have become parents.


Prince William and wife Kate are expecting their first child in mid-July. Photo: BBC

Various news organisations have been reporting on the outstanding progress being made from Auckland’s Sky Tower, the tallest building in the southern hemisphere to Hamilton’s Victoria Bridge a well-travelled bridge across the famous Waikato River.

Executive members of Monarchy New Zealand have said the following to Fairfax Media about the event:

This project has allowed lots of smaller towns to take part in a nationwide story.

-Caleb Watson, Waikato Co-Ordinator


Towns and cities across the nation are contributing to a larger celebration.

-Dr Sean Palmer, Chair


We share the Queen and royal family with a number of other nations, but they belong to us as much as any other. This initiative is a great way for New Zealand to stake its claim on the most famous family in the world

-Aaron Hape, Wellington Co-Ordinator

New Zealand is not the only Commonwealth realm that is lighting up its attractions for the birth. Canada is marking the momentous occasion by lighting up the 167ft high Niagara Falls and the CN Tower.

To follow the progress of the lighting project around New Zealand and to see the results when the day arrives, follow the Monarchy New Zealand Facebook page, to see the complete list of confirmed buildings and attractions lighting up see and to see Niagara Falls’ information on the lighting and to put in your guess for the Royal Baby’s gender visit their website.

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