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Meet Ingahild Grathmer and Johnny from Stovner

It is not always easy to be a royal. Occasionally, the royal needs to be part of the large crowd, especially in private contexts such as family holidays, it is natural that the Royals do not want to be recognised and pursued by photographers. Therefore, some fake names are necessary. Scandinavian royals have used imaginative names to cover their royal role for a long time.

Queen Margrethe of Denmark has used several different fake names throughout the years. In connection with several books she has written, she has signed only with the letter “M”. Other times she has used the name “Ingahild Grathmer” in connection with art she has created.

Crown Prince Haakon of Norway was forced to come up with a fake name spontaneously when he was once recognised. The Crown Prince was on a private city vacation to the southern Norwegian town of Kragerø. He bought something in a local store, and the woman who stood behind him in the queue recognised him. There were many people there, and the Crown Prince did not want to make any fuss. The woman just started to say, “Are you …”. Then the Crown Prince interrupted her and said, “Yeas, right, I am Johnny from Stovner”.

Crown Prince Haakon of Norway used the name “Johnny” when he was discovered. Photo: Teodor Bjerrang via Flickr.

In the Swedish royal family, Princess Madeleine has used several different fake names. The princess has repeatedly competed in various horse sports under the name Anna Svensson. Princess Madeleine’s great grandfather, King Gustav V, was an active tennis player. When he competed in competitions, he went under the name “Mr G “.

King Harald’s father, King Olav, visited his fiancé Crown Princess Martha several times in Sweden. In order not to reveal the relationship between the two Crown Prince Olav travelled on regular trains to visit her in Sweden, he often ordered his tickets on the train under the name of “Olav Håkonsson”.

H.R.H. Princess Madeleine also used a fake name when she competed, just like her great-grandfather. Photo Anna-Lena Ahlström, The Royal Court, Sweden.

Many times the Royals have been revealed when they booked flights on regularly scheduled flights on holiday. Therefore, many of Scandinavia’s Royals used fake names, so information about their travel plans does not leak to the press. In a biography published a few years ago about Queen Sonja, it emerged that when Queen Sonja and King Harald went on their honeymoon to Hawaii in 1968, they travelled under the fake name Eva and Tom Manstad.

Crown Princess Mette-Marit has done the same. When she went on a private vacation to India in 2012, she used her maiden name, Høiby. Her sister in law, Princess Märtha of Norway has previously travelled on holiday under the fake name Märtha Glücksburg. This surname is used because the royal family of Norway belongs to the old House of Glücksburg.

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