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King Harald’s birthday marked with “pølsefest” and skiing

His Majesty King Harald celebrates turning 80-years-old in 2017. On this occasion, he will be celebrated for the entire year across Norway. Today, the King was celebrated with an unusual celebration.

King and large parts of the Norwegian Royal Family attended various skiing-events at Holmenkollen in Oslo on Saturday. This is something the King and his family do every year. The tradition has been so since King Harald grandfather, Haakon VII reigned as King of Norway. The King congratulated the winner, Martin J. Sundby (see picture above) with his victory in today’s race.

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King Harald’s father, King Olav, also attended as a spectator to many skiing-contest`s at Holmenkollen. Here he is accompanied by Queen Margrethe of Denmark (with blue headscarf) in 1975. Photo: Henrik Ørsted via Wikimedia Commons.

On Saturday night, the King attended an event organised by The Norwegian Confederation of Sports and the Norwegian Ski Federation. The event was held in the Ski Museum at Holmenkollen. The King’s birthday marked with “pølsefest”, serving of boiled sausages. After the King and his family had been served sausage in “lompe”, a tradition Norwegian side dish, all those attending sand the birthday song for the King.

Like his Father and Grandfather, King Harald is an active user of cross-country skis. He has been skiing since he was able to walk, as most Norwegians also have done. The King and his family will also attend as spectators to a variety of events on Sunday. The King’s participation in skiing competitions at Holmenkollen is the King’s first official appearance after he returned from an extended vacation with his family. Read more about King’s holiday in South Africa here.

The statue of King Olav who is skiing with his dog. Photo: Shyamal via Wikimedia Commons.

His Majesty received an award for those who have done a lot to promote the sport of skiing in Norway and abroad. The prize was designed as a miniature of the statue of his father, King Olav, which is exhibited at the ski jumping facility in Holmenkollen. In total, King Harald has participated in 67 various skiing competitions at Holmenkollen.

The relay race on Sunday is yet another birthday gift to the King. The relay race is named after King Harald. The Norwegian TV-channel NRK was present during the celebration of the King in Holmenkollen. NRK`s journalist asked the King what he thought about getting a relay race as a gift. The King was pleased with the gift and added that he was impressed that so many young people wanted to join the race.

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