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Harry gets real about what it’s like being a prince

On Friday, while on St. Lucia, Prince Harry spoke to school children about what it’s like being a prince; the royal was very candid and straightforward about the responsibilities that will remain on his shoulders for his entire life. He didn’t sugarcoat anything with the children, his honesty about the pressures he must sometimes face being a member of the royal family.

The senior royal is undertaking a royal Caribbean Tour on behalf of The queen until December 4. He is currently on the second leg of this tour. Harry spoke to the young people in Pigeon National Park after dedicating the Castries Waterworks Reserve and surrounding rain forest to The Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy Project where he unveiled a plaque. To keep things light, Harry said he did not have a cape or crown and he also didn’t live in a castle.

One teenager, a young girl asked him what it felt like being a prince. In typical Prince Harry fashion, he appeared serious yet still lighthearted when he replied with his hands on his hips: “As a prince you’re born at birth with a natural platform to be able to try and make a difference, which a lot of people have to spend years and years getting to that point. So from that perspective I’m very lucky to have a platform to be able to try and make change in the causes that mean a lot to me but also to you guys.”

He continued, humbly saying: “Being born with a lot of privilege comes with a lot of responsibility. But I like to think I’m going to have to spend the rest of my life earning the respect for that privilege, and trying to make a difference for the rest of my life.”

Though he was born with this platform and privilege, it hasn’t always been easy for Prince Harry to adjust to being a royal. He has gone through the growing pains of youth and adulthood like any normal human being. His personal blunders and mistakes simply played out in the public eye for all to see. Despite his mistakes, Prince Harry has grown in to a man with a strong, sensible, compassionate head on his shoulders; one his late mother would be proud of.

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