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Duke of Edinburgh causes security alert

The Duke of Edinburgh has raised security concerns after he was spotted driving on public roads without security guards present.

Prince Philip was spotted driving his his Landrover out of Windsor Castle onto the very busy road on his own.

According to locals, the 94-year-old has also been traveling around the area on a horse drawn carriage, with only two stable girls with him.

The Queen’s husband decides to travel on the public road because he refuses to use the gated alternative specially designed for the royals safety.

This has raised security concerns because the Duke is out in public, often on his own, without any security present. He has also been spotted crossing very busy roads with no security present..

Speaking to a UK tabloid, Security expert Will Geddes said that people could target Prince Philip whilst he is going about his every day business.

Mr Geddes said: “One would hope that suitable contingencies have been made, so that there is some form of covert surveillance in place.

“In any normal sense this would be massively concerning, but one would like to hope his protection detail has made suitable contingencies that may not be visible to the untrained eye.”

A neighbour, who has seen the Prince in public on a number of occasions, said: “He is one of the most famous men in Britain, and while his fearlessness is to be admired, he seems to be leaving himself very vulnerable to potential problems.”

Buckingham Palace refused to comment, saying: “We do not comment on security matters.”

The UK has been on high alert after recent terrorist attacks in Paris and Brussels.

  • Karen119

    I would venture to say, knowing of HRH’s toughness and occasional irascibility, that woe betide the person or persons who dare to approach the Duke in even the most positive of manners! Kare

  • BarringtonK

    Prince Philip is 94 years old. If I make it to that age with all my wits still about me, I reckon I’d cherish every bit of freedom and autonomy I could have. The life of a royal is so regimented and controlled by protocol and duty and lived in the fishbowl of public curiosity, the prince has earned the right to do as he pleases. May he live another 94 years in good health!

    • Gina Schimenti

      I feel the same about this topic. If the Duke wishes as he may. He is a Grown man of 94 years an he is Extremely Proud of his ability to do as he wishes . God Bless him . People will watch out for him an look out for him . He has all the security he needs being secure with his own abilities . God Bless That extremely Handsome Duke , his Golden age proves Golden years. Must be very very Nice to see him getting around happy an light on his feet . Dreamy Dreamy Royal Men of all ages Enjoy the Royalty . Smiling about an showing compassion if need be. pleasent Evening Royals..

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