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Duchess of Cornwall hosts reception to mark #InternationalWomensDay, gets compared to a bra

Today, 8 March , is International Women’s Day where women around the globe celebrate their accomplishments and reflect on the progress that still needs to be made. Today at Buckingham Palace, the Duchess of Cornwall held a reception to celebrate this occasion. She serves as President of Women of the World, (WoW), which is holding its WoW Festival this week for the Southbank Centre.

The WoW is in its seventh year. It has become a global event with festivals taking place around the world which champion gender equality. They’re held on five continents and reach millions of people. These festivals celebrate the achievements of women and girls whilst examining the challenges that prohibit them from meeting their full potential.

Among the guests were prominent figures including actress Gillian Anderson, Sarah Brown, wife of former prime minister Gordon Brown, and Brendan Cox, the husband of murdered MP Jo Cox. The Duchess told her guests: “Now in these turbulent times, I believe that it’s more important than ever for women of all ages, and from every walk of life, to unite.

“WoW provides that place, a place where hard-hitting issues that deeply affect women’s lives can be openly discussed, and where obstacles that block their paths can be faced together.

“It gives them a chance to talk about different solutions to life’s challenges and above all, it celebrates and supports the achievements of remarkable women and girls worldwide.”

Kathy Lette is an author and friend of the Duchess; she was also among the guests. She joked, describing Camilla like a : “human wonder bra” for women – “uplifting and supportive”.

She added: “What I love about Camilla and why she’s a feminist is that she embraces her age, she embraces her wrinkles – ‘hello world, read between my lines’.

“Her whole history is written on her face and you hardly see any women in public life that haven’t gone under the surgeon’s knife.”


Actress Gillian Anderson said: “International Women’s Day has been in existence for a while, (and is) particularly poignant at this time.

“And as you saw with the recent rally, the idea of women coming together en masse is becoming a more acceptable way of raising our voice and a necessary way of raising our voice, in order to speak up about what’s not working and what are the changes we would like to see happen.”

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