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Dubai’s Sheikh Mohammed rescues family stranded in desert

Chances are if you have been stranded you will not have been rescued by a royal. However, for one group of tourists, they now have the holiday story of a lifetime after Sheikh Mohammed saved them after they became stranded in the desert.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum is the Vice-President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates, as well as the ruler of Dubai.

When Hanna Karen Arroyo and her friend got stuck in the deserts of Dubai while offroading,  Sheikh Mohammed was on hand in his white Mercedes G-Wagen to give them a tow.

Hanna Karen Arroyo, Twitter, @Hannarroyo

According to Arroyo, the Sheikh was passing by with his team when he came to the assistance of them.  The once unlucky tourists managed to snap a picture with the Sheikh.

The Sheikh seems to make a habit of saving stranded people. In 2016, he saved three friends from a long trek back to safety after one of their bikes broke. They out cycling in the desert when one of the group’s bikes broke

However, out of the darkness came the Prince and his entourage with his trademark Mercedes and bicycles. His entourage repaired the broken bike and gave them water.

Kayleigh Hutchinson, one of the rescued women, said she heard her friend say “Do I know you?” to one of the rescuing cyclists, it was after she asked she realised her rescuer was the Sheikh.

Sheikh Mohammed is known to be charitable. He has implemented over 1,400 development programmes which have helped 116 countries.

He is perhaps more well known in the UK after he helped save a local chapel in an English village. The villagers were struggling to raise money to save their chapel, so on the off chance, they wrote to the Dubai ruler.

The villagers mentioned a shared connection in horse racing; something the Sheikh is very interested in.  The Sheikh donated enough to save the chapel.

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