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Diana’s former butler Paul Burrell to marry his partner, Graham Cooper, in April

Former servant to The Royal Family turned reality TV star Paul Burrell, is to marry his long-term partner, Graham Cooper, next month according to reports.

57-year-old Burrell announced that he was to marry the 58-year-old lawyer on Monday, coming out as gay at the same time.

Speaking to The Sun, a source said: “Paul’s friends and family all know but for a long time he kept it a closely guarded secret.

“And for a time, literally nobody knew.

“He did share it with Diana while he worked with her because they were so close.

“But at the time she was the only woman he felt he could tell.”

Burrell has been a controversial figure since Diana’s death in 1997, having featured in the media and television reality shows.

He famously called Diana “lonely” and “desperate” whilst appearing in the UK TV show Big Brother.

He split up with his wife, Maria, who he married in 1983. The couple met at Buckingham Palace whilst Burrell was a footman to The Queen.

The couple released a joint statement confirming that they were divorcing.

The statement read: “Our clients Paul and Maria Burrell would like to end any speculation over the past few days by confirming that they are currently going through a divorce.

“The decision to file for divorce was a mutual one, both Paul and Maria remain the best of friends and have two wonderful sons who remain their priority.

“Paul and Maria will not be giving any further comments and would request that their privacy is respected during this time.”

  • UF

    Closely held secret. Even Elton John didn’t know. And the “beard” worked well. Now his sons have two “mommies”. (There’s a book about that.) Of course some watching him on TV may have wondered. Imagine how jealous so many homosexuals are of his position so very close to the late Princess. What with his books and TV appearances, he brings a lot of ass ets to this “marriage”. Wonder if Maria and their two wonderful sons got a decent settlement there?

    • flamingo calling

      ‘Ass ets’, love it 🙂

  • Elizabeth Pease

    I thought Diana was ‘the closely guarded secret’? Diana wanted him out of her life after she caught him stealing things from her makeup table. I think she knew he was gay, but walking in on him while he was stealing her ‘girlie’ things just cemented it. I wonder if the ‘Daily Mail’ will have a spread of his wedding? lol!!

    • Margaret Hannah

      ……and just how would you know that? Never heard such rubbish.

      • Elizabeth Pease

        How would I know what? That he was gay or that he tried to steal things from her? It says in the article he told Diana he was gay. Apparently it wasn’t a lie, like so many other things he has had to say in his books over the years.

  • mikehattan

    And he JUST came out as gay? Quelle surprise ! I hope he isn’t counting on a Westminster Abbey marriage.

  • elaine baxter

    Good luck to him. I dont know why people have to make malicious comments about everything. whatever happened to open mindedness?

    • flamingo calling

      Meaning, it’s OK to cheat on women, pretend you’re straight have kids probably while shagging other men, and then get rid of her? That isn’t open mindedness, that’s being soft in the head without morals

      • Jon Green

        See my reply to your other judgemental comment above. I detect more than a whiff of homophobia here.

        • Carrie

          Happily, you do

      • Bill Siviter

        And giving your wife an STI you caught from your gay lovers!

  • Lynn Taylor

    I thought he was married with 2 kids………

    • Lilian Wilhelmina Chapman

      there are many people who are gay and married with kids x

      • flamingo calling

        Just shows you how many creeps liars and cheats there are

        • Jon Green

          Or, alternatively, how many people who’re either: (1) trying to dissuade or delude themselves of their own true nature; (2) pressured by family and friends into heterosexual marriage; (3) oppressed by their religion into a semblance of heterosexuality; (4) bisexual, and find a same-sex life partner after their first marriage fails for whatever reason.

          There’s absolutely no need to be so rude and judgemental about it. There are as many life stories as there are people, and they’re all different.

  • Bill Siviter

    What nonsense any one with eyes and ears could tell he is as Gay as a Daffodil.

    • Elizabeth Pease

      Did you know he worked in a flower shop when his days as butler were over?

  • Hidalba Montoya

    Sickness from his mind

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