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Calling all Canadians: You can be part of the Queen’s birthday

A unique opportunity has developed for Canadians who wish to be part of Queen Elizabeth’s 90th birthday celebrations.

The Monarchist League of Canada is requesting for Canadians to record themselves – solo or in a group – singing “Happy Birthday” to Her Majesty, which will be incorporated into a CD that will be given to the Queen.

As per the instructions described on the Monarchist League’s website:

“All you have to do? Whether a family group, a classroom member, an office team or any part of any other “family” of folk who work or play together in Canada. we ask you to videotape yourselves singing a verse of “Happy Birthday” in English and one in French (First Nations and Heritage languages of course also welcome), sung a cappella (without accompaniment), in unison (everyone sings the same notes) and at a given tempo (speed) and pitch (high-low); then uploading these to the our special website provided. The voices will be then combined by our techs into one mighty chorus of greetings, with videotape showing all the participants as the song is heard, and with the sleeve of the CD listing all participants, be they the most famous choir in the land, or the Smith family from Moose Jaw.”

Groups are also encouraged to “make a splash” whether it be through dance, harmonies or whatever their creative minds can come up with. Those with memorable performances will bookend the verses to better stand out.

If you wish to take part in this once in a lifetime opportunity just click here for full details on how to submit your video. If we all only get 15 minutes of fame what better way than for Queen Elizabeth?

The Monarchist League of Canada has been around for 46 years and is at the forefront in Canada for “promotion, education, and nonpartisan defence of the Canadian Crown”. A free six-month trial membership is offered to all which includes the Canadian Monarchist News, special event invitations among a variety of other benefits.

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