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83% Of People Want To Keep ‘God Save The Queen’!

In a recent survey conducted by us about whether people liked the anthem God Save The Queen, 83% said they did. Of the 121 answerers, only 20 people said they didn’t like the anthem, with 101 people saying they do like it. With threats from certain movements promoting the changing of the national anthem to something less Monarch-orientated, it looks like most people don’t want the same!

God Save The Queen is the official anthem of the United Kingdom, though it is often mistook (and sometimes used) as the anthem for England, this is most probably because England doesn’t have its own anthem like Scotland and Wales do.

God Save The Queen (or God Save The King as it was at the time) was first used as the national anthem in 1745 when it was adopted as such. Its composer is largely unknown.

God Save The Queen’s origins can be traced back to the 1600s when the song was first written in its original form. When first published, its words consisted of ‘God save great George our King, Long live our noble King, God Save the King’. When the reigns of the 4 Georges concluded, the words had to be altered because the King was no longer named George, but William [William IV]. The words were then updated to what they are today.

Because of the confusion at the time, a special notice had to be made to declare in 1952 that the national anthem would become ‘God Save The Queen’ after Elizabeth II acceded to the throne.

When Prince Charles becomes King, the anthem will revert back to ‘God Save The King’.

According to our survey, despite some of the outspoken criticism of the anthem, people largely want the anthem to stay, which is as it should be. God Save The Queen is a wonderful anthem that truly captures the mind. Proposed alternatives include ‘Jerusalem’ and ‘Land Of Hope And Glory’, though we, as do 83% of people, think anything else just wouldn’t do!

photo credit: Daniele Muscetta via photopin cc

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