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Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum releases new book

His Highness, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum is the Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Emir of Dubai. His Highness has released, according to the Gulf Coast News, a new book detailing his vision of development where he answers many questions based on his personal knowledge and experience.

The book was launched on 4 March in Arabic and will be released on Friday in English. It is titled Ta’mulat fi Asa’adah Wl Ejabia or Reflections on Happiness and Positivity in English. In this narrative, he “put forward a new vision for administration, development and cultural work based on optimism and positivity, self-confidence and confidence in the Arab people.”

On social media, Sheikh Mohammed said of the book: “It aims to convey the UAE’s experience and how to create hope and resume the civilisation in the Arab region.” Because it uses the royal’s personal knowledge and expertise, the book is said to be attractive to the younger generation. It containes stories and lessons based on the philosophies of life. It suggests that “positivity is a perspective,” and people’s satisfaction is “an end goal and lifestyle.”

A brief excerpt from the book reads: “The positive leader is the one who closes his eyes, imagines the future and sees the achievement that he wants to achieve.

“The political, religious and sectarian conflicts, economic downturns and social transformations, which our Arab region is going through, now makes the talk about positivity as the solutions sound unattractive. But I would like to say to my Arab brothers, why not try to change our outlook of some things, and be positive as we address challenges facing us, while keeping some optimism that would help sustain the new generations and achieve self-fulfilment,” H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid said.

He continued: “We Arabs have tested many theories, ideas and approaches. There is no harm in trying to be positive for some time. Wars can destroy buildings, but what is more dangerous are the wars that destroy man, undermine his self-confidence and his hopes in the future, and remove him from the civilisational race and global competition.”

Also written out in the narrative is the royal’s explanation of how the UAE desert has been turned in to an international tourist destination. He also discusses how the Dubai Airport was built against the will of the British Mandate. Sheikh Mohammed also describes how he continues to lead an exceptional and unprecedented government, his views on politics and how he works with politicians.

In the 151 page book, he provides a different vision of administrative, developmental and civilised work, based on positivity, confidence and faith in citizens of the Arab world.

He proposes an approach to addressing terrorism, as well as presenting methods for Arabic governments to utilise for addressing civilisational, economic and intellectual downturns. It also discusses his vision for forming work teams, to develop ambitious and innovative for the future and how to create a culture within government based on appreciation, empowerment and the excellence of all.

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