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Sheikh Mohammed and Princess Haya to assist Rohingya refugees fleeing from Myanmar

This week, Sheikh Mohammed and Princess Haya have sent aid to the Rohingya Muslims who are currently seeking shelter in Bangladesh after fleeing from Myanmar.  

According to the UN Refugee Agency, over 400,000 people have left their homes in Myanmar after escaping from conflict and are now staying in temporary refugee camps.
Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, who is the ruler or Dubai as well as the Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE, has arranged to have three aeroplanes worth of supplies taken over to Bangladesh to help those in need. The B747 will deliver blankets, mosquito nets and tarpaulins amongst other items in three different trips.

This year is the United Arab Emirates year of giving and as well as donating to the Rohingya, the Sheikh has already donated to causes in Madagascar, Somalia and Sudan, with 300 tonnes worth of supplies currently on their way to people in need. The UAE are often praised for charity, ranking as the biggest donor in the world in 2014 and as a top donor in 2016.

Sheikh Mohammed has said that the UAE does not give aid with conditions and do not wish for anything in turn, emphasising a wish for stability for all. Princess Haya has echoed these views and aims for the UAE to be one of the world’s most humanitarian countries.

The first plane filled with supplies is due to land in Dhaka this week, with two more drops planned by October 11th. It is believed that the deliveries should be able to aid almost 8000 families. Princess Haya has commented that she hopes their contribution will help to ease the suffering of the refugees, whose plight is “shocking and appalling”.

Donations can be made to the Rohingya through a number of registered charities, including UNICEF and Oxfam.

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