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Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Nayef meets Prophet mosque attack injured

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Nayef, Deputy Premier and Minister of Interior, has visited those injured from Monday’s blast at the Prophet Mosque.

When he visited the casualties in the hospital, he also brought them greetings from King Salman and said he was honoured to be with them. The casualties were nearly all from the security forces, who had thwarted suicide bombers in a parking lot near the Mosque. The Crown Prince said: “I know confronting terror operations is not simple. The simple repercussions you feel following the explosion will go away. I’ve been through this experience before and I (understand) how you feel”.

The Crown Prince went on to say that acts like the one on Monday and similar attacks in Jeddah and Qatif only serve to make the country stronger. The government would seek to purge the country of all those who sought to harm the sanctities, citizens or residents. The actions of the security guards in foiling the attack did not surprise

The actions of the security guards in foiling the attack did not surprise him because in those actions they were replicating the thoughts and desires of the generations that had gone before them.

The suicide bomber had deliberately attacked the security services, by going to a car park adjacent to the Prophet Mosque where security forces parked. They were just having a fast-breaking meal when the attack came. In addition to those in the hospital that were visited by the Crown Prince, sadly four other members of the security services lost their lives.

The Crown Prince confirmed that security in the country was good and at its highest level. He praised God that it was getting stronger each day. It is perhaps typical of the desire and fortitude of the injured members of the security services in that rather being put off by being injured, they cannot wait for the day when they could resume their duties once more.


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