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King Salman Orders Arrest of Saudi Prince

King Salman of Saudi Arabia has ordered the arrest of a Saudi prince after a video showed him physically assaulting a person, drinking alcohol and painting a rifle at a person.

The arrest came a day after video clips were published on YouTube and Twitter showing a man bleeding from the head and begging while a rifle is pointed at him. While another showed what looks like the Prince punching and slapping a man.

Another clip shows a large alcohol collection displayed on a table alongside a bundle of cash. Saudi Arabia has strict alcohol laws. Selling and drinking alcohol in the country is strictly forbidden.

The large Saudi royal family have a privileged status in the Kingdom as well as undisclosed payments from the state. However, King Salman is keen to show they are not above the law. Lasst October a Prince was executed after shooting and killing a person. He was the first member of Saudi royalty to be executed since 1975.

King Salman has previously stressed that he considers the rights of citizens’ to be of more value than protecting the royalties privilege and status.

In his arrest order for Prince Saud bin Abdulaziz bin Musaed bin Saud bin Abdulaziz, Salman urges other Saudis to report abuse of power and position to the authorities.

He also ordered that the Prince and any accomplices should remain imprisoned until their trial.

Since coming to the throne in 2015 King Salman has had no qualms about firing governmental ministers who were caught on video being rude and insulting to citizens. He also fired a senior royal court official after they were filmed slapping a photographer.

The arrest of the Prince has been praised in Saudi Arabia. However, many are now questioning why some royals are so quick to disregard the law.



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