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Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia: “Kingdom has proved it is a just and transparent state”

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia gave a speech for the country’s National Day in which he praised the role of the state in the Kingdom.

“We thank God for everything he granted us and our Kingdom to serve pilgrims and for stability, safety and prosperity in the Kingdom. All of this prompts us to keep evolving and exerting more efforts to achieve success and development,” said the Crown Prince during his speech.

“On this great occasion, we feel that the Kingdom has become an important state with a pioneering role at the regional and international levels, and has an objective to achieve international security and lasting peace. After all, the Kingdom is an active member in the G20, the world’s strongest 20 economies, and is keen to achieve the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 that represents the beginning of a new phase of hard work for a better future with the same Islamic values.”

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defence of Saudi Arabia.

“The Kingdom has proved it is a just and transparent state that is still seeking to achieve the world’s stability and peace by fighting terrorism.

“We commend the efforts of the protectors of the country and its heroic soldiers who sacrificially risk their lives to save their religion and homeland, as we also comment the efforts of the security forces to maintain the security of the country, praying to Allah Almighty to bestow mercy upon their souls of the martyrs and the high status in paradise, and a speedy recovery for the injured.”

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman became the heir to the throne on 21 June of this year, when his cousin, Muhammed bin Nayef, was deposed by King Salman. It was reported that bin Nayef had been held against his will and forced to renounce his right, but the Royal Family denies this.

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