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Queen Rania meets women from Sayyidat Nashmiyyat Group

Her Majesty Queen Rania of Jordan met women from the Sayyidat Nashmiyyat Group this Wednesday, as part of her efforts to raise awareness of social media and online platforms in promoting positive change in communities and engendering greater social equality and opportunities.

As part of her meeting with the group, Her Majesty also met with its founder, Ms Enas Shahin and listened to her speak about the organisation’s goals and strategies. Ms Shahin primarily spoke of how Sayyidat Nashmiyyat tried to encourage Jordanian women to use social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to be more proactive in society, and use those sites as instruments in a constructive manner to promote positive change.

The group also hopes that its efforts will tackle not just women’s issues within their societies, but also other social concerns such as racism, poverty, and inter-religious violence. So far, the group has been radically successful in combating all of these.

During the meeting, several other women also spoke of their experiences since joining the group and brought to Her Majesty’s attention their efforts towards promoting education in social media.

At the conclusion of her meeting, Queen Rania said that she was proud to have had the opportunity to learn about the group’s role in promoting social media as a vehicle for change and women’s empowerment, and in promoting responsible use of social media as a way to combat the various negative ideas that have become prevalent on them. Thanking Sayyidat Nashmiyyat for their efforts and drive, Her Majesty also took the opportunity to mention education, a cause particularly close to her heart, and highlight that making education a top priority was necessary for maintaining Jordan’s reputation for academic excellence.

This can be most easily achieved, she said, through the provision of adequate training to ensure that Jordanian teachers are ably equipped to prepare their students for the future and improve their understanding.

The Sayyidat Nashmiyyat Group was founded in 2015 as a Facebook group, now boasting over 400,000 members. Its principle aims are to promote a variety of social issues and projects such as education — particularly that of women, health, community empowerment and childcare.

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