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Queen Rania Implores Educators to Teach Values of Peace and Co-Existence

Queen Rania spoke at the Teacher Skills Forum opening session on Saturday morning to push educators to teach the values of peace and co-existence in the modern landscape.

“Just by looking around us, it becomes evident that even humanity fails humans sometimes,” the Queen said.

“Uncertainty, doubt, and dejection have dominated conversations everywhere. We are in desperate need for hope and a brighter future, where prosperity can take hold.”

“The ultimate goal of the Teachers Skills Forum is to revolutionize education in the Arab world and raise the standards of teaching across the region,” reads the Forum’s official website.

The third Teacher Skills Forum focused on restructuring how educators teach. Per the Forum’s official website, the discussion centred around six objectives: learning new teaching strategies and techniques, discussing goals for enhancing the learning environment, share teaching practices, networking, providing innovative ideas to teachers along with ways to incorporate technology into the lesson plans, and supporting teachers as they work to incorporate and align these methods into their teaching plans.

“The more equipped a teacher is with skills and tools, the more solid and innovative his teaching will be,” Queen Rania told the audience.

Over 900 delegates from countries across the Middle East, Europe, and the United States attended the Forum. The Forum hosted 130 workshops in the areas of “mental health, interactive pedagogies, leadership, early childhood, innovation and entrepreneurship, and special learners,” per the official website.

“Visions without carefully devised plans are mere dreams, prone to dissipation in the face of tough challenges,” said Queen Rania.

The Teachers Skills Forum is an initiative of the Queen Rania Teacher Academy, launched by the Queen in 2009 with a mission of “empowering teachers, supervisors and principals with the skills, recognition, and support necessary to excel at both the classroom and school levels,” reads its official website.

One of Queen Rania’s major focuses is on education, and she uses her platform to push for both Jordanian students and teachers, and for global education initiatives.

“Teach them to dream, persevere, and thank God for His blessings. Teach them that their differences are worthy of celebration,” said the Queen.


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