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Queen Rania discusses educational reform with Jordan’s Lower House Education Committee

On Monday, Her Majesty Queen Rania of Jordan met with Jordan’s Lower House Education Committee to discuss educational reform, which is something Her Majesty is very passionate about. They spoke about critical issues including raising Jordan’s overall standing in education through teacher training at the Queen Rania Teacher Academy.

MPs who are members of the Jordanian parliament’s education committee were in attendance including Dr Barakat Al Muheirat Al Abbadi, Dr Suleiman Al Zaben, and Dr Safa’ Momani. Student-teachers enrolled in the programme were also there to speak with the assembled MPs, leaders of the Queen Rania Teacher Academy, and Her Majesty.

The meeting began with a presentation from the CEO of the Queen Rania Teacher Academy, Haif Bannayan regarding “the academy’s teacher training diploma program, and its partnerships with the ministry of education as well as local, regional and international universities,” according to a press release sent out by the Office of Her Majesty.

The Queen told the guests that education needs to be a top priority and not just an option. Quality education is of the utmost importance because Her Majesty’s believes it is the most important investment a country can make in their future. Furthermore, she said that those in attendance were showing their “high regard” for education.

According to Queen Rania, educational reform has become an important and popular request of the Jordanian people. They have become more socially aware of the decline in the quality of the educational system of Jordan. She believes that everyone must participate to have an inclusive reform approach. Jordanian citizens are in full agreement that there is a crucial need for the education system to keep up with modern times.

Recently, the National Strategy for Human Resource Development was launched in the country for this purpose which includes teacher training, curriculum development, vital recommendations, strengthening early childhood development, and the improvement of the classroom environment. It is hoped that this will help Jordan prepare teachers for the classroom, which is an area that the country lags behind many other nations.

The Office of Her Majesty said that the assembled MPs appreciated the Queen’s efforts in this area and her academy with its “pivotal role in training teachers before and during service, and offered to contribute with their expertise towards the academy.”

The Queen made it a point to mention that changes made for education reform must be sure to respect the value of religion and society in Jordan, as well.

After the meeting, Her Majesty posted an image to her official Instagram from the discussion saying, “An important discussion with the Lower House Education Committee on the critical need for improved teacher training programs to support educational reform in Jordan.”

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