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Queen Rania attends International Rescue Committee’s Annual Rescue Dinner

Her Majesty Queen Rania of Jordan was in New York City on 2 November for the International Rescue Committee’s Annual Rescue Dinner. She is a member of the Board of Directors, and she has held this role since June.

Her Majesty wrote on her official Instagram, “At the IRC Rescue Dinner in New York to support the organisation’s lifesaving work in responding to humanitarian crises around the world and supporting refugees and host communities.”

The dinner, which was formerly called the Freedom Award Dinner, raised $10 million in support of the organisation’s humanitarian work around the world. Former Chairman and CEO of Morgan Stanley, John Mack and Mayor of Lesvos Spyros Galinos were two of the awardees on Thursday evening at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel.

The International Rescue Committee said on their website regarding the dinner, “This year, guests will be taken on the inspiring and eye-opening journey from crisis to survival to recovery—what we refer to as ‘The Rescue Experience.’ Through firsthand stories shared by courageous staff on the front lines and families fleeing crisis, guests will leave with a deep understanding of the IRC’s lifesaving programmes and a more vivid sense of what ‘rescue’ really means for the 23 million women, men and children we serve around the world.”

During the dinner, Queen Rania told urged those assembled to ‘think in bold and innovative ways’ to help those who have been victims of the war-torn areas across the world. Her Majesty is a strong advocate for the refugees fleeing the crises in their homelands. Her Majesty also made sure to mention the stories of hope that need to be celebrated.

She also said, “Refugees need more than ‘likes’ on Facebook or Instagram pictures of their plight. They need results.” She thanked the International Rescue Committee for all of their hard work and their commitment in the future. She commended the aid they have granted to the “millions of refugees—mothers, fathers, children, vulnerable people—who are in desperate need of help and hope in equal measure.”

In one of Queen Rania’s most powerful statements of the night, she said, “The ‘R’ in its [International Rescue Committee] title might stand for ‘rescue’ in the short-term. But in the long-term, it stands for rekindling hope…rebuilding lives…and reimagining futures.”

Jordan has taken in some of the highest numbers of refugees escaping from the conflict in Libya, Iraq, Syria, and other places in the Middle East and Africa.

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