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Princess Muna of Jordan visits Romania


UN Geneva via Flickr CC

Her Royal Highness, Princess Muna al-Hussein of Jordan arrived in Romania by invitation of Her Royal Highness, Crown Princess Margareta this week. King Abdullah II’s mother’s official visit to the eastern European country is to celebrate Children’s Day, a global event held on June 1st.

Prince Radu of Romania welcomed her at the airport. Princess Muna was the guest of honour at a very special children’s event called ‘The Feast of Children’. The event, attended by hundreds of children, parents and teachers featured dancing, songs, drawing and karate. After the play time, everyone sampled foods in the palace gardens. The event was held at the Elisabeta Palace in Bucharest.

Princess Muna is Honorary President of the College of Nursing at the Mutah University in Jordan. For over half a century, she has been a vital supporter for the need of health and education for children in Jordan.

The princess first came to Romania in 2006. She is Patron of an annual Medical Congress that is held alternatively in both Jordan and Romania.

On another day of her visit to Romania, the Princess and her hostess, Crown Princess Margareta, toured Dimitrie Gusti National Village Museum (Muzeul Satului) in Her?str?u Park, Bucharest.

This is an open air museum with over 270 authentic peasant houses and farms to be found throughout Romania, providing wonderful insight in to traditional village life. Princess Muna seemed to be taken with ancient wall paintings in one of the buildings.

Antoinette Avril Gardiner was born on April 25, 1941 in Chelmondiston, England. she became Princess Muna al-Hussein of Jordan when she converted to Islam and married the King. She was Princess Consort and second wife of King Hussein from 25 May 1961 to 21 December 1972.

They had four children: current King of Jordan, Prince Abdullah II, his younger brother, Prince Faisal and twins Princesses Zein and Aisha. After their divorce, Princess Muna was allowed to keep her title of Her Royal Highness. To this day, she is active in charity work, placing emphasis on children’s health and education and nursing schools.

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