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Moroccan royals inspire beauty brand

Beauty brand Huxley has revealed that the key ingredient of its products was inspired by the royal women of Morocco after founder Byung Hoon Lee learned that they use cactus seed oil to protect their skin from drying in desert heat.

Lee said: “One day, a friend of mine that teaches international trade at the national University of Morocco called me and told me that while he was working as a private instructor at the Moroccan palace, he witnessed women in royal families wash their faces with some kind of yellow water. That yellow water turned out to be cactus seed oil, and my friend recommended me to use this oil to make cosmetics.”

Following the revealing phone call Lee visited Morocco to discover the cactus oil being made there and to see first-hand how it could protect and sooth women’s skin. This was followed by extensive research of the prickly pear seed oil from the prickly pear cactus, in which he found 400 times more Vitamin E than olive oil.

With a background in product planning for Samsung Electronics Lee’s eventual shift into skincare wasn’t obvious but it’s clear that his experiences taught him the value of a brand and he used those learnings to create his own. With packaging and formulations that are decidedly all-natural, Lee’s Huxley line stands out from the crowd – a deliberate move.

Lee told “There are so many outstanding products on the market, yet consumers are captivated by only a few, and there are not a lot of brands that are really worth keeping,”

She continued: “A hit product can be sold to a consumer in a short period of time.”

The name ‘Huxley’ came from Aldous Huxley’s book Brave New World and Lee cites the quote “Life is short and information is endless. The truth would be drowned in a sea of irrelevance in the future” as the reason why he is determined to make it easier for consumers to choose simple, effective beauty products.

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