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King of Morocco has country send humanitarian aid to islands ravaged by hurricanes

King Mohammed VI of Morocco has sent aid via his government to the islands of Antigua and Barbuda, as well as Dominica following the devastating damage caused by recent hurricanes which have ravaged the Caribbean.

All three islands have always been friendly to Morocco, and this expression of solidarity takes the form of both vital supplies and also equipment to help with rebuilding. Morocco has always strived to take the lead in supporting nations in their time of need and only earlier this week sent humanitarian aid to help the Rohingyas Moslems fleeing Myanmar for neighbouring Bangladesh, as reported by Royal Central.

This is the middle of the peak hurricane season in the Caribbean. However, nothing could have prepared the residents for the power and intensity of Hurricane Irma which was the first time many of the islands had experienced a Category 5 hurricane. What made the situation worse was that hardly a breath had been taken after Irma than Hurricane Maria hit some of the same islands that had not had a chance to repair damaged properties.

It is essential that repair work is started as soon as possible as for many of these islands, tourism is their primary income. It is estimated that tourism is responsible directly or indirectly for two million jobs in the region, hence anything which reduces the capability of the islands to receive tourists – like damaged or destroyed hotels are going to have quite an impact.

Tourism and damage caused by external forces to numbers coming to a country is something that many North African countries are well aware of. However, Morocco is always keen to assist where it can, whether it is hurricanes, refugees or the effects of famine and floods in other parts of Africa, and its assistance with global humanitarian support should always be applauded.

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