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King of Jordan attends Nuclear Safety Summit

Over the weekend, King Abdullah II of Jordan attended the Nuclear Safety Summit held in Washington. He was accompanied by his older son, Crown Prince Hussein bin Abdullah. Also present at the summit were a number of world leaders and heads of international organisations.

On Friday, The King and Crown Prince went to the opening session, which dealt with national and international efforts to increase nuclear security by eliminating or preventing the spread of nuclear materials that could be used by terrorist organisations and preventing nuclear smuggling. Another aim of the summit is to develop advanced national programs by bringing about cooperation between countries with expertise in handling nuclear materials and the rest of the world.

Later, King Abdullah joined President Barack Obama at a dinner banquet hosted at the White House in honour of the heads of states taking part in the summit. His Majesty addressed the gathered dignitaries about the importance of devising a permanent solution to the problems faced in the field of nuclear security. “The size of risks we face is tremendous,” he said, mentioning that the current situation in the Middle East has raised the risk of terrorists using chemical, biological and radioactive materials.

The closing session focused on the need to build an integrated system in order to promote nuclear security at the regional, national and international levels. The delegations discussed expanding the scope of endorsing atomic safety legislation and implementing these laws. Having completed their visit, the King and Crown Prince returned to Jordan on Saturday.

The summit also touched upon the ongoing Syrian crisis, including ways to aid countries hosting Syrian refugees. Jordan is one of these countries, and King Abdullah held additional meetings with the Japanese Prime Minister Shenzo Abe, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Thai premier Prayuth Chan-ocha to discuss developments in the Middle East, and propose ways to combat terrorism and achieve peace in the region.

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