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King of Bhutan invites tree carver to Bhutan

Amber Jean, an American artist from Montana, has been invited by the Prime Minister of Bhutan to spend a month carving trees for His Majesty, King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck of Bhutan. She is a world-renowned tree carver – turning trees into detailed sculptures.

She had an interesting way of describing trees and how she works with them. “Trees are a lot like people, each one is unique,” she told local news channel, KNTV in an interview. “Each one has its own story; they have a history.”

She continued, “It’s like walking into a room and picking a dance partner I think. Some who looks like they might be an awesome dance partner aren’t necessarily, and some sweet old guy missing half his teeth who really knows how to dance.”

She used to be a forest firefighter. Amber Jean enjoys making the once dead trees come alive again by carving and adornments when the mood strikes her. She has said, “There are a lot of things that happen because of fires. It helps dry the trees and add burned and charred parts to trees, and I like all of that. Semi-precious ground up stones to embellish the scar or crack to just let it be what it is and other times, I’ll want it to be less noticeable.”

Amber Jean’s month-long trip to the Asian country began on Tuesday. She will stay in a cabin in the mountains where all she’ll need to be concerned with is working with trees. This will be not only a time to work, but a time for healing, as well, in a tiny country concerned with national happiness. After the loss of her parents, an aunt, and close friend, she feels ready to dig in to her art once more.

Her work doesn’t come cheap. “Somebody in Hollywood wanted me to carve Johnny Depp out of chocolate for the premier for Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory,” she confided.

Of the invitation, she said: “I’m in, I’m gonna do it. I feel like it’s an opportune time. I won’t be taking care of my mother or other people. My whole job there will be just to carve.”

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