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King of Bahrain Gives Thanks for Saudi Arabian Support

Upon undertaking a visit to Jeddah this Monday, His Majesty King Hamad ibn Isa Al-Khalifa of Bahrain took the opportunity to reaffirm the friendship between his kingdom and that of Saudi Arabia in a statement.

“We are pleased to meet the Custodian of the Two Mosques to discuss the developments in the region, and continue the co-ordination and continuous consultation between us for all the good of our two countries.” His Majesty was also pleased to “express our deep pride in the close ties of brotherhood and the friendship between the leadership and people of our two countries, which extend to the roots of ancient history”.

His Majesty was received by King Salman of Saudi Arabia, and together the two discussed numerous topics of mutual interest as the reception progressed. They were accompanied by various other ministers, princes, ministers and members of King Hamad’s delegation.

The two monarchs were also to attend a luncheon held in honour of the visiting delegation.

King Hamad in particular was especially grateful towards Saudi Arabia for its consistent support and assistance over the years, especially in the areas of counter-terrorism efforts and diplomatic support. During the Bahraini Protests in 2011, Saudi Arabia intervened directly on Bahrain’s behalf in order to quell protests that threatened the destabilise the local government. It also spoke in support of the Bahraini Government internationally, and blamed Iran and leaders of the opposition for fermenting dissent amongst the populace.

In the face of external and internal threats, the King seemed assured that Bahrain had a stalwart ally in Saudi Arabia.

The King also congratulated King Salman and his sons for all the important developments being undertaken in Saudi Arabia under their leadership, praising their wise governance and keen interest in the welfare of their people.

He recommitted Bahrain to its partnership with Saudi Arabia, and promised that together the two nations would work hand-in-hand to counter terrorism in all its forms, and those who seek to organise and finance it.

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